Stay on top of where personal data is processed in your organisation and any open tasks to ensure compliance.


Get on your compliance journey with guided workflows, smart templates and pre-defined choices.


Create beautiful reports for data protection authorities and management.

Task list

Manage your open task list and get a quick overview of your progress.

Data protection hub

Register your legal entities and keep a central repository of all data protection relation information.

Relations and risk score

Get an understanding of the personal data flows and regulatory risks related to your organisation.

Audit trail

A comprehensive change history ensures accountability and provides you with a thorough audit trail.

Getting started guide

Our getting started guide gives you a head start on your company's road to compliance.

Partner dashboard

Our partners can manage all their data protection client projects through ZOA.


Product scope

Handle your data protection compliance


Data protection hub

A central repository of all GDPR related information for all your legal entities.


Data mapping

Map out all your personal data collections and how they are stored.


Data processor management

List the software and services you use and manage your data processing agreements.


Processing activities

Generate and maintain a registry of your processing activities.


Data protection impact assessment

Conduct data protection impact assessments with all regulatory requirements.


Data protection officer activities

Log all activities such as a trainings and DPIA guidance.


Data breach management

Document and manage your data breaches via workflows and with audit trails.


Gap assessment

Conduct a gap assessment to understand your level of compliance.



Create beautiful reports for auditors and senior management.


Product leaders

You're in good company


ZOA GDPR has proven to be highly efficient, agile and simple to use when documenting GDPR compliance for all sizes of businesses. As a certified privacy professional and having worked with ZOA GDPR, I highly recommend ZOA GDPR.

Using ZOA GDPR gives us a trusted partner and a collaborative tool for use with our clients seeking data protection compliance.

A cooperation with ZOA GDPR offers our clients digital tools for a fact based analysis of their data processing activities and provides us with the necessary information to assess the compliance measures.

We just started using ZOA GDPR in our middle-sized company in Denmark and I must say that it works perfectly! It is easy to work with and professionally takes us through the relevant / required stages of GDPR which before seemed slightly "unmanageable" without using an extreme amount of time and money. You showed us that it didn’t have to be so! THANKS and all the best recommendations from us!