Product scope

Handle key aspects of EU GDPR.

Get an overview

Data mapping across all legal entities

Easy-to-use questionnaire workflows to manage your data inventory, data processing software across all legal entities.

Automatic risk classification alerts you of sensitive personal data hotspots across your institution.

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Guided process

Data protection impact assessment

Efficiently conduct data protection impact assessments that cover all regulatory requirements.

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Create accountability

Registry of processing activities

Create a compliant registry of processing activities that is easy to set up and maintain.

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Just in case

Data breach management

Document your actions when it really matters. Workflow for data breach and incident management. Generate a detailed audit trail of your actions.

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Document activities

Data protection officer activity log

Log and document all data protection related activities (e.g. DPIA guidance, senior management updates, privacy by design & default).

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Get an overview of the personal data structure of your organisation, open tasks and quick access to reports.

Relations and Risk Score

Relations show you how your data is used by processing tools across activities. Risk scores give you better understanding of risks related to data protection in your company.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Integrated workflow for data protection impact assessments.

Guided workflows and smart questionnaires

Leads you effectively through the regulatory maze and updates you on the progress as you go along.

Predefined choices

Predefined choices ensure efficient data entry and consistency across your organisation.

Audit Trail

A complete change history gives you a thorough audit trail of your data protection activities.


Always be ready to share information with management and regulators.



Data protection hub

Keep a central repository of all data protection related information.

Create accountability

Maintain an audit trail to document your actions.

Guided workflows

Leads you effectively through the regulatory maze.

Reporting at hand

Always be ready to share information with management and regulators.

Expert collaboration

Work collaboratively with your outside, trusted legal expert or external DPO.

Ease of use

Avoid the tedious management of large and complex Excel and Word files.


Partner program

Join our partner program and offer ZOA GDPR to your clients and benefit from attractive conditions.

Benefits for partners

  • Access to ZOA GDPR platform
  • Platform customisation options
  • Reseller program available


Powerful packages
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Features included
with all packages

Packages only differ in the number of included users.

  • GDPR gap assessment
  • Data mapping across legal entities
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Registry of processing activities
  • Data breach management
  • Data protection officer activity log
  • and many more ...

Customisation options

ZOA GDPR can also be customised to your needs and be easily integrated with other systems.

  • API integration
  • Customised questionnaires
  • On-premise hosting
  • Data subject rights management
  • and many more ...